Friday, December 3, 2010

ViewSonic G Tablet

Viewsonic's GTablet is now up for sale from in 400$. Spec wise it is tegra2 based 10 inch android tablet capable to run 1080P videos. Viewsonic has customized UI based on android 2.2. Most important thing is that with such a high spec, it still claims 10 hours of battery so a serious competitor of IPad. I don't know why viewsonic didn't spend money to market it like samsung did for Galaxy Tab.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Samsung Galaxy Tab Price dropped in

After continuous comments about high prices on, Samsung finally dropped the price to 449 pounds.

Personally i still think its price is too high to compete against IPad. It should be less than 400 pounds. Samsung has time till Janually 2011 to make sales as high as possible because probably Apple will drop the price of IPad 1 when Steve Jobs will unveil IPad 2 in January. So samsung should take decision and should drop further price in December before christmas.

Monday, November 29, 2010

ICAN Android Tablet

Every day we hear about new tablet / gadget arriving based on android in the world. This time by GIT media group who has released two new android tablets 7" and 10". Both devices have 1GHz processor (don't know whether it is snapdragon or cortex), Android 2.1 OS, WIFI, 3G, Webcam 1.3, 2 USB ports, 1 Micro sd card slot, HDMI Port, Built-in speakers, Headphone port. No information about type of touch like resistive touch or capacitive touch. Prices are 399 for 7" and 499" for 10" and available for order from I personally feel that price is bit high when we compare it with IPad. Any android tablet which wants to compete with IPAD should be priced less that 400$. I can get IPad wifi version in 499 so what's the point in getting ICAN Android tablet just for 3G. Other than this nothing much useful like no Flash as it is based on 2.1

Samsung Galaxy S still without Fryo

I bought Galaxy S I9000 about 2 months ago with a lot of news about fryo update coming soon on the device. But its about 2 months passed and still samsung not able to launch fryo update for Galaxy S. I am really disappointed with Samsung performance in this regard especially when i heard that Samsung is developing new devices for android. I don't know why samsung is just planning to release a new device so frequently without any care for previously released android phones. With 2.1, Galaxy S is too much slow and its slow performance is a great headache for me. I have also used IPhone and found it in good performance. I give Apple edge over samsung because it releases update everywhere at the same time not just in one or two countries. If samsung wants to stay in competition with apple, he should also improve its update process.

Color E-Ink

Guys wait is over for color EInk displays. EInk has introduced new color display "E Ink Triton" which has about 16 monochrome with thousands of colors to display. So now we can expect next generation of Kindle and Sony ereaders in color Although Nook color has been released but that is a LCD which is usually not liked by readers. See below for more details:

E Ink Triton Imaging Film from E Ink Corporation on Vimeo.